Hi! I'm Alyssa

Birth Doula + Reiki Master

About Me

As a Reiki Healer, I love to connect with others on a soul-to-soul level with the intention of helping them open up to receive healing energy and return to a state of balance. I do this by serving as a clear and open channel for source energy to flow, removing any blockages in their energy field and providing healing on a physical level for their highest and best good.

As a Birth Doula, my passion is to encourage and advocate for parents-to-be to make empowered, informed decisions on their journey into a new chapter of life. I believe that feeling safe and heard, and having the space to relax and surrender to the body's natural rhythms and motion, helps facilitate a healthy and positive pregnancy and birthing experience. As a birth support professional, I work alongside partners to offer emotional and physical coping/comfort measures (with Reiki energy included), informational resources, and an empathetic ear and reassuring voice.



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Reiki Healing

Schedule an in-person or distance healing appointment for both humans and animals.

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Birth Doula

Customizable packages include in-person and/or virtual pregnancy, labor and postpartum support.


“This was my first time getting reiki and I am very pleased with my experience and will 100% be coming back for more.”

Fernanda M.