Alyssa is a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and Birth Doula from East Hampton, Connecticut.


She was trained by Joleen King, Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Take Time to Heal in Danielson, CT, Ana Paula Markel, former DONA president and founder of Bini Birth in Los Angeles, CA, and Lindsey Rei, Certified Lactation Educator Counselor.

In 2013, Alyssa graduated from Boston University, where she studied English, International Relations and Spanish - spending a semester studying in London, UK and

About Alyssa

another in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where part of her family lives. With a passion for conservation and sustainability of our planet, she also graduated from Green Mountain College's Environmental Studies program in 2016 and was trained in Wildlife Rehabilitation through the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection in 2019. In 2020, Alyssa began a year-long Self-Growth and Personal Empowerment Mastery Program with Tracy Crossley, Behavioral Relationship Expert and owner of Intuitive Reinvention Inc.

A Few of my Favorites

Pastime: knitting

Place: the seaside

TV Show(s): outlander


                                                      the great british baking show

Spiritual Teacher: abraham hicks

Podcast: dr. berlin's informed pregnancy podcast

App: masterclass

Instagram Account: @biglittlefeelings

Blog: your zen mama

YouTube Channel(s): jonna jinton

                                                   the bucket list family

Activitybike rides/hikes with my cat, livvy