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Reiki is a wonderful tool for treating and managing stress, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, injuries, and acute or chronic diseases or pain. It is also a great step to take when preparing for surgery, or to help speed up the recovery process after surgery.

Overall, it is a time to rest and relax while clearing and rebalancing your energy, making it a highly recommended addition to maintaining self-care.

Below are the Reiki services I offer to both humans and animals. I travel to you, so that you can be in the comfort of your own home, or send the energy from a distance!

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At-Home Reiki

One-hour sessions

  • In-person: $80 

  • Distance: $60

30-minute sessions

  • In-person: $50

  • Distance: $30

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Animal Reiki

The length of time per session will depend on the animal, but I dedicate one hour of availability to each session.

In-person: $50

Distance: $40

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Habit Treatment

If you are ready to commit to transforming bad habits or inclinations, this treatment could offer the life-changing support you need to achieve your goals. It can be done effectively from a distance, or in-person in a seated position (instead of lying down), for just 15 minutes; but, it is recommended to be repeated daily until the recipient feels well, or that the habit has shifted. Most begin to notice a change by about the third day. This method uses Reiki symbols and affirmations to focus one's energies towards a specific objective. By setting positive intentions, the process plants a pattern-breaking thought, idea or suggestion into the recipient's subconscious.

Starts with a 21-day commitment 

Please inquire for scheduling and pricing